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PROMETEO Project for Excellence Research Groups.

PROMETEO Project “The transfer of scientific knowledge on health: hunger, nutrition and vaccines (1900-1975)” [PROMETEO/2012/056] follows the project “Spanish Health Care in International Context: Sanitary Conferences, League of Nations and International Organizations (1851-1975)” (HUM2006 – 06 098) (2006-2011) and complements the project “International Health and the Transfer of Scientific Knowledge, Europe 1900-1975 “(HAR2011-23233), both funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. Its historiographical orientation corresponds to recent research trends on circulation of scientific knowledge not only from a center-periphery perspective, but also analyzing the transfer of scientific knowledge and practices from production sites to social and political use, as well as scientific and social conditioning factors.

The project analyzes specific aspects of experimental knowledge on health with specific reference to the interaction between the European context and the Spanish society, and the circulation from the production sites (laboratories, research institutes, expert commissions, hospitals) to its social application and its political and civil uses.

The project investigates the following specific issues:

– The production and distribution of vaccines (especially smallpox vaccine).

– Experimental studies on hunger and nutrition.

– The role of international organizations in the fight against hunger and infectious disease.

– The circulation of knowledge and internationalization of health practices.

These questions follow a common and well integrated methodological and historiographical orientation that takes into account the following aspects:

– The professional perspective: the role of the expert and its importance.

– The creation of professional communities and expert groups.

– The movement of people, artifacts and ideas.

– The institutional perspective: relationships between institutions and national and international organizations, the creation of laboratories, institutes, clinics, inspection bodies, school medical inspection, etc…

– The dynamics of circulation of knowledge through people, conferences, publications and expert networks, the transfer between local, national and international.

– The political uses of knowledge on health and nutrition.

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